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Will the plastic dial and buckle break?

All plastic components are made of zytel st801awnc010 military grade nylon, with high UV resistance; it is unlikely to break if stored and used as recommended.

How resistant is the strap?

The 1” straps meets the MIL-DLT-5038,T-III specifications. The 1.5” strap is meets the MIL-W-1733F,CL-11 specifications. The fastener shall be capable of withstanding a 275 pound pull force without slippage with tensile machine jaw separation of 20 in/minute, using 1 ½” webbing conforming to MIL-W-17337, class 1.   The fastener also withstands a 150 pound compression force, compressed at 12 in/min with ½” round steel shaft in the center of widest part.

Will the tourniquet deteriorate with sun exposure?

The materials are made with high UV resistance, however we recommend keeping the tourniquet in a case when being carried, if the tourniquet is exposed to sun over long periods of time it should be checked periodically for any signs of degradation.

Can the tourniquet be re-used?

No. Any tourniquet that is to be carried in the field should never be used prior to its actual emergency application. 

What size limbs can the tourniquet be used on?

Our Tactical X8T tourniquet will work on limbs ranging from 37.5” to 9”

Our EMS X8T-E2G tourniquet will work on limbs ranging from 37.5” to 5.75”

What do I do with the excess strap?

Wrap the excess strap around the limb without covering the time tag and tucking the D ring under the strap.

What is the recommended way to remove the tourniquet?

A medical provider should remove the tourniquet gradually by lifting both sides of the dial and rotating it in a counter clockwise direction. For a visual explanation see the video "How to Reset the X8T" below.

What are the space requirements to store the tourniquet?

The X8T tourniquet’s cubic size is 24.75 cubic inches. When folded for storage the X8T tourniquet is 6” long 2” wide and 2.25” tall.

Is the X8T tourniquet TCCC approved?

Currently the X8T tourniquet is not TCCC approved, however clinical trials are ongoing for TCCC review.

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